Our Services

The variety of services offered by Given Management meets most of the daily management needs of companies. First, our services can be divided into 5 categories, according to their nature:

  • Administrative formalities
    • Creation, sale and transfer of businesses
    • Assistance during liquidation
    • Domiciliation and receptions of mail
    • Transaction of businesses
    • Registration of trademarks in France
    • Creation of a French company remotely
  • Financial and tax advice
    • Annual financial report
    • VAT declaration, export tax payment
    • Corporate tax declaration
    • Income tax declaration
    • Other tax declarations
    • Tax representation of companies not established in France
  • Human resources management
    • Choice of national collective agreement
    • Type of insurance
    • Employees registration, pay slips, hiring and dismissal procedures
    • Declaration of social charges
    • Labor law, mediation of internal disputes and support
    • Employment of foreign citizens
  • Investment and credit advice
    • Review of business plan and budget plan, securing funds
    • Market analysis and forecasting
    • Research of funds (loan)
    • Sale of commercial businesses and real estate investment
    • Assistance to foreign investors wishing to settle in France
  • Business assistance and training
    • Professional translation from French to Chinese
    • Assistance in communication when exchanging with French authorities
    • Meetings and interviews with professional experts
    • Organization of conferences and events

About our services

Given Management’s quotations are based on different factors:

  • The content
  • How urgent it is
  • The difficulty
  • The amount of money involved and the importance of the case
  • The quality of the documents and their supporting documents (accuracy, deadline)

Our services can also be divided into 3 categories, according to the importance and frequency of our clients’ needs:

– Basic day-to-day services: basic accounting services, tax and translation services to enable our clients to fulfill administrative obligations regularly

– Solving day-to-day problems: to answer your questions regarding the management of your business and its administrative obligations

– Strategic advice: we help you anticipate legal procedures, tax procedures, social security procedures, etc., and help you solve major problems you may encounter.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. Our team will be happy to provide you with an answer, an approximated budget and deadline as soon as possible.

However, please keep in mind that the intervention of third parties such as the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the local tax authorities will have an impact on our estimations and deadlines.


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