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cropped-marseille1.jpgThe Marseille office is located in Provence, south of France, an important port on the Mediterranean Sea and Marseille, France’s second largest city.

The South of France is not only a paradise full of sunshine, blue sea and clear sky for vacations, but also the hometown of lavender, the base of French agricultural, the important origin of French perfumes and red wine, and the famous Cannes Film Festival is also held here. What’s more, Marseille is an important hub for transportation and economic who ties between the European continent and North or West Asia. At the same time, with the investment of province government in basic facilities, the investment policies, the tax incentives and the establishment of development zones in recent years, it has also become an attractive area of investment. More and more European groups have established financial and business management centers in Marseille and Southern France, and more and more overseas Chinese have chosen Southern France to develop their business.

Our team was founded in the historic city, Aix-en-Provence. At the beginning of the  creation, we mainly provided accounting consulting and services to Chinese merchants in Marseille and Aix. In 2010, the office relocated to Marseille civic center to make it convenient for the Chinese clients. In 2012, we made a league with the cooperative firms in Corsica and Paris in order to accompany our customers in a wider geographical area and sphere of business.

Our business scope covers the consulting service for administrative, accounting and management. Our advantage is that we are proficient in accounting and taxation systems of China and France, at the same time, we understand the differences in culture and awareness between China and France. In this way, we can better provide practical, effective advice and strategic planning for overseas Chinese in France.

Our service aim is bringing fast and efficient solutions to the merchants so that they can concentrate on their core business. Our services not only involve daily administrative management, accounting consulting, and legal advice, but we can also provide “tailor-made” products to respond clients’ special development demands.

The quotes we provide are guaranteed to be clear, detailed and evaluated by the actual needs of our clients. Our clients can choose from post services, fax contacts, email contacts, or on-site services.

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Our offices:

            Marseille:  54 Rue Vacon  – 13001 

            Beijing:      1er étage, Bât 5, No°26 Jian Guo Men Wai Dajie, Chao Yang Qu  – 100020

            Shanghai:  6è E, Bât C, No°888, Nan Hui Xin Cheng Zhen Huan Hu Xi Er Lu, Pu Dong Xin Qu – 200120