Our quotation

Our quotation is mainly based on the following criteria:
• The preparation of customer’s necessary information, i.e., the completeness of the provided documents and the time for us to delivery.
• The level of quality, difficulty, and urgency of the service.
• The customer’s situation and the importance of the case.

Our quotation of service can be divided into the following three levels according to your different needs:
• The most basic service series: providing the most basic accounting consulting services. The purpose is to ensure that your complete the necessary administrative declaration procedures in France.
• Daily management proposal series: responding to the problems in your daily management and help you finish administrative declarations.
• Strategic-oriented management consulting series:  planning the selection and application of the tax and social insurance system, and responding to your daily management questions, accompany your entrepreneurial development in France all the way.

If you need, we can provide a quote budget and corresponding completion time after collecting all the necessary information.
However, we also remind you that: if your needs or our services involve the participation of independent third parties (such as Industry and Commerce Bureaus, Tax Bureaus, Courts, etc.), please understand the negative impact on our expected quotations and timing with kindness.