Your requirement

17y6hhgchxgrwjpgIf your want to invest, build your business projects, transfer the shares or dissolution your business in France, no matter which scale your business is, we would create the future with you.

Given Management will accompany you on your whole business process.

In France, starting a business project is relatively easier while it’s not easy to consider all the future issues related to the company’s business behavior comprehensively:

  •  The tax terms and systems applicable to your company in the future
  •  The payment system, applied social insurance types and factors of your company’s employee in the future
  • The receival of grants from the government and the region, or the relevant tax and social contribution benefits of your company in the future
  •  The avoidance of the potential labor conflicts with French employees and the prevention from the potential juridical risks of the employees
  • The routine audit of French taxation and social security system
  • etc

Our team looks forward to participating in the management of your investment project, to take precautions, plan ahead and struggling upward.